The Grove Academy
May 3 2020

Year 6


Welcome To Year 6 with Mr Wicks and Mr Jones

Week Commencing 13th July

TypeDrawer/FileDate ModifiedSize
Week 11th May    
Week 15th June    
Week 18th May    
Week 1st June    
Week 22nd June    
Week 25th May    
Week 29th June    
Week 4th May    
Week 6th July    
Week 8th June    
pdfAchieve 100 Maths 8:51 am 04/25/20191.7M
pdfAchieve 100 Reading 9:19 am 04/25/201929.2M
pdfAchieve 100 SPaG 8:51 am 04/25/201911.1M
pdfArithmetic 2:02 pm 03/24/20191.3M
pdfCGP Reading Book 2 All Q Types per Text 9:38 am 04/23/20182.5M
pdfCGP Y6 Comprehension Targeted Q Book 11:38 am 03/22/20189.8M
pdfGeometry, Statistics & Measure 2:02 pm 03/24/20191.4M
pdfGrammar Book 1 2:02 pm 03/24/20192M
pdfNumber, Ratio & Algebra 2:02 pm 03/24/20191.1M
pdfPunctuation Book 1 2:03 pm 03/24/20191.4M
pdfReading Fiction 2:03 pm 03/24/20192.2M
pdfReading Non Fiction 2:03 pm 03/24/20191.8M
pdfSpelling Book 1 2:03 pm 03/24/20191.6M

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