The Grove Academy
May 3 2020

Year 1


Welcome To Year 1 with Miss Farrell, Miss Kielty and Mrs Gavra

Week Commencing 13th July

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Week 11th May    
Week 15th June    
Week 18th May    
Week 1st June    
Week 22nd June    
Week 25th May    
Week 29th June    
Week 4th May    
Week 6th July    
Week 8th June    
pdf2D Shape Chick Cutting Skills Worksheets 2:47 pm 03/25/2020493.8k
doc20 04 2020 LETTER TO YEAR 1 12:04 pm 04/20/2020482.5k
pdf1407128887 Maths Yr1 Pwb Rgb 1945732 10:10 am 04/03/2020271.2k
pdfAdding Three Numbers 5:40 pm 04/20/20201.1M
pdfBook Report Template 10:06 am 04/03/202096.5k
pdfCapital Letters and Full Stops 6:06 pm 03/11/2020265.7k
pdfCommon Exception Words Year 1 Activity Book 2:47 pm 03/25/2020251.3k
pdfCreative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames 2:47 pm 03/25/202014.3M
pdfDoubles 5:38 pm 04/20/20201.2M
pdfFiction Reading Revision Mat 7:19 pm 03/25/2020387.2k
pdfHandwriting Practice Worksheets 10:06 am 04/03/20201.5M
pdfKS1 Telling the Time Quick Practice Pack 10:06 am 04/03/2020512.3k
pdfMaths Money 5:50 pm 03/11/20202M
pdfMaths Number Bonds to 20 5:53 pm 03/11/2020111.9k
pdfMaths Counting in 2s 9:01 am 03/13/202060.8k
pdfMeasuring in Ml Activity Sheet 7:15 pm 03/25/2020140.8k
pdfNon Fiction Reading Revision Mat 7:19 pm 03/25/2020306.6k
pdfNumber Bonds 5:37 pm 04/20/20203.3M
pdfPhonics Split Diagraphs 5:56 pm 03/11/20201.5M
pdfPoetry Reading Revision Mat 2:47 pm 03/25/2020339.6k
pdfPoetry and Ryhmes 5:42 pm 04/20/2020732.9k
pdfQuiz 1 8:23 am 04/24/20201.5M
pdfQuiz 2 8:23 am 04/24/2020438.9k
pdfQuiz 3 8:23 am 04/24/2020923.7k
pdfQuiz 4 8:23 am 04/24/2020995.5k
pdfQuiz 5 8:23 am 04/24/20201.3M
pdfQuiz 6 8:23 am 04/24/2020384.5k
pdfQuiz 7 8:23 am 04/24/20201.1M
pdfQuiz 8 8:23 am 04/24/2020595.1k
pdfQuiz 9 8:23 am 04/24/2020504.1k
pdfQuiz 10 8:23 am 04/24/2020727.7k
pdfReading, Sequencing, Writing 5:41 pm 04/20/20202.7M
pdfReading Mat Guidance 2:47 pm 03/25/2020263.6k
pdfReading Comprehension 9:00 am 03/13/2020865.9k
pdfSnakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game Board Game 2:47 pm 03/25/2020256.5k
pdfSorting Animals into Sets Middle Ability 7:21 pm 03/25/2020578.2k
pdfSplit Digraph Comprehension 5:57 pm 03/11/2020305.7k
pdfSpring English Activity Booklet 7:17 pm 03/25/20204.4M
pdfSpring English Activity Booklet Answers 7:17 pm 03/25/20202M
pdfStory Time and Writing 5:42 pm 04/20/20201.3M
pdfT N 1347 Place Value Tens and Units Cut and Stick Worksheet Ver 1 5:35 pm 03/16/2020756.5k
pdfT N 5378 Addition With Money Differentiated Activity Sheets Ver 3 7:12 pm 03/25/2020777.6k
pdfWebsites 6:08 pm 03/11/2020107k
pdfYear 1 One More and One Less Maths Mastery Game 2:47 pm 03/25/2020137.5k
pdfYear 1 Science Learning from Home (Animals, Including Humans) Activity Booklet 2:47 pm 03/25/20202.1M
pdfYear 1 Science Learning from Home (Everyday Materials) Activity Booklet 2:47 pm 03/25/2020177.7k
pdfYear 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet 2:47 pm 03/25/20202.4M
pdfYear 1 Spring Maths Activity Booklet Answers 2:47 pm 03/25/20201.5M
pdfAnimal Facts 554416 10:10 am 04/03/2020869.5k
pdfCreative Writing 6:02 pm 03/11/2020279.3k
pdfEd Ing Endings 5:25 pm 04/20/2020114.7k
pdfMindfulness Colouring Sheets 1521294 10:20 am 04/03/202012M
pdfNcenglishwbyear1 Sip 1945817 10:08 am 04/03/2020213.5k
pdfNcenglishwbyear2 Sip 1945828 10:09 am 04/03/2020215.5k
pdfNcmathswbyear2 Sip38-1945806 10:12 am 04/03/2020247.2k
pdfPhonics Review Blends in Context 5:27 pm 04/20/202064.5k
pdfT N 4814 How Much Money is in My Jar British Money Differentiated Activity Sheets Ver 2 7:12 pm 03/25/2020339.5k

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