The Grove Academy
October 9 2019


Chris Kelly

 At the Grove Academy, we use the PWP (Primary Writing Project) rationale and have adapted it to suit the children at our school. PWP involves the children learning and internalising a text, which later allows them to innovate and create their own version.

Within a term, the children will write a fiction and non-fiction text, as well as being exposed to poetry. During a writing cycle, children: are introduced to a new text; create a story map; learn the text and add actions to allow the children to perform it and unpick the elements of that text (the basic plot, the grammatical features, the language used in a particular text etc.).

This ultimately allows the children to change elements and write their own version of the text taught. The children’s writing will be posted on Twitter and celebrated in class, so keep your eyes peeled for some examples of what the children produce this year!

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