The Grove Academy
April 11 2019

Social Learning Info


Social learning is at the heart of what we do at The Grove Academy. As well as providing children with a balanced, well-rounded curriculum, we also want to nurture the children to become independent learners and to give them the life skills they need to be successful when they move on from us. Social learning is weaved into everything we do in the classroom and around the school and it encourages children to take ownership of their learning and to be able to independently overcome any problems they may have along the way. Our four social learning characters (pictured below) embody the main attributes that we want to develop in our children. We want them to be confident, to overcome challenges, to be creative and to work as partners. Our language for learning (shown below) is a common language we use, across the school, to continuously reiterate the learning skills we want the children to build during their time with us. When children feel they are in control of their learning, they succeed and we use social learning to develop the natural curiosity that is instilled in children to help them channel this so they can achieve highly in everything they do. When you teach a child the facts and figures, they can learn a topic. When you teach a child how to learn, you can open their world to anything they want to achieve.

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