The Grove Academy
September 1 2019

School Parliament


This year, we have set up the first ever Grove Academy Pupil Parliament. In order to become part of the Pupil Parliament, the children were set a challenge; to present their ideas for positive change around the school. Members of parliament were voted for by their class members and then year 3, 4 and 5 had the opportunity to be put forward to become a member of the cabinet. Two children from each year group were interviewed by Mr Mohamed with a winner from each being picked.

For the roles of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, we looked to year 6. Six children were voted for by their peers and they then had to present their ideas to the rest of the school during an assembly. That week, the small hall was then set up like a polling station and all the children were able to come and fill in their ballot form to vote for who they wanted to represent them. The votes were counted and the winners announced in a special assembly.

This year the pupil parliament will be involved in various different projects across the school so check back in to find out more. Prime Minister: Hannah (yr6) Deputy Prime Minister: Lucy (yr6) Members of the Cabinet: Ndey (yr 5), Mollie (yr4), Charlie (yr3) Members of Parliament: Hadassa (yr5), Adelle (yr4), Chloe (yr3), Frankie (yr2), Jessica (yr1)

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