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Meet the Team | The Grove Academy
The Grove Academy
April 11 2019

Meet the Team


Leadership Team

  • CEO of Aspire Academies Trust – Mrs V Parsey
  • Executive Principal – Mr L Evans
  • Principal – Mr M Mohamed
  • Assistant Principal – Miss L McCann
  • Phase Leader – Miss J Essex
  • Phase Leader – Miss L Feaunati
  • Phase Leader – Mrs S Bryden Smith 
  • Phase Leader – Miss E Howard
  • Lead Practitioner – Mrs S Hennigan
  • SENCO – Mrs S Longden

Teaching & Learning Staff

Please click here for a full list of Class Teachers and their Teaching Assistants.

Please click here to find out who you should talk to if you have a concern.

Business Support Team & Support Staff

Our Business Support Team are happy to help. If you have any queries please contact the school office on 01923 674463.

  • School Business Manager – Mrs C Kelly
  • Finance Assistant – Mrs M Riadi
  • Receptionist – Mrs A Goldsmith
  • Admissions Assistant – Mrs J Stanley
  • Admin Assistant – Mrs T Groom
  • Admin Assistant – Mrs P O’Connor
  • Site Manager – Mr S Porterfield
  • Caretaker – Ms D Hardy

Aspire Academies Trust

The Grove Academy is part of the Aspire Academies Trust.

  • CEO of Aspire Academies Trust – Mrs V Parsey
  • Chief Finance Officer – Mrs K Land
  • Operations Manager – Mrs K Edwards
  • Senior HR Officer – Mrs L Taylor
  • Senior Finance Officer – Mrs S Lee
  • Catering Manager – Mr P Mills